Maximum rest for mom.
A well-rounded program to help mom's recover after childbirth

Why do you need postpartum care?
For women in the puerperal period, there is a higher risk for symptoms and diseases that can be physically or mentally caused by sudden changes in their bodies and changes in the hormonal balance.
In addition, social problems of postpartum depression and postpartum crisis are also increasing, and these cases sometimes lead to divorce as the worst case senario, due to deterioration of the marital relationship after childbirth.

Postpartum care program

  • Breast care (1-2 times / day)
    Assist in prevention of mastitis, support for complete breast feeding
    Once or twice a day, we take care for "prevention of mastitis" and "breastfeeding", in which breast milk is clogged in the mammary gland and causes inflammation.
  • Abdominal care
    Prevention of sagging of the stomach, contraction of the uterus and lochia discharge
    We will take care for early recovery from abdominal obesity. And lochia discharge which most postpartum women are concerned about.
  • Seatbath
    Pain relief in the perineum, prevention of perineal inflammation, lochia discharge
    We will help relieve the pain in the perineal area of the mother once or twice a day and help you to take a bath for quick recovery.
  • Baby care
    Breast-feeding assistance diaper changing
    Tub bathing, childcare consultation and etc.
    For the first childcare, born babys are often confused by a lot of "?."
    We will support mother with precise advice.
  • Food care
    Prepare meals for family members with balanced nutrition after childbirth
    A balanced diet is very important for the recovery of a tired body and quality breastfeeding. After explaining the necessary nutrients after childbirth, we will ask about allergies, food issues and favorite food.
  • Housekeeping
    Cleaning, washing, shopping,
    Babysitting, pick-up and etc.
    We will perform firmly on behalf of Mom for cleaning and laundry, pick up and child caring, so that all of mom's family can spend time comfortably.

Free rental postpartum equipment

  • Milking machine / inhaler
    Assist in prevention of mastitis, complete breast feeding
    There is mastitis prevention / care effect.
    (The milking machine requires an accessory suction set, it will be sold for 1 set / 3000 yen (tax excluded) for sanitary goods.)
  • Mommy Pack (Pack for Breast Cooling Ship)
    Mastitis prevention, breast pain relief
    Recommended for people like this.
    For people who want to increase breast milk (hot compress), those who want to suppress the amount of breast milk (cold compress), reduce and prevent inflammation such as mastitis and relieve pain in the breast
  • A seatbath bowl
    Perineum pain relief, Wound recovery
    We will relieve pain in the perineum of natural birth mothers' and speed the recovery of wounds.
  • Foot bath
    Reduces swelling, Fatigue recovery
    It reduces swelling of the feet after childbirth, and improves fatigue recovery and blood circulation.
  • Yellow Soil Compact Hot Pack
    Blood circulation improvement, Erosion effect
    It improves fatigue recovery and blood circulation.

Housekeeping care / Family care program

  • Clean up
    Cleaning maternal and child rooms, kitchen etc.
  • Laundry
    Laundry for Baby clothes. Laundry for Family clothes.
    · Hang outside to dry
    · Take them inside
    · Fold them etc.
  • Shopping
    Shop for everyday items and foods according to your request.
  • Babysitter
    Taking care of brothers and/or sisters.
  • Pickup for brothers and/or sisters.
    Taking care of brothers and/or sisters.
  • Other helps needed
    We will support various demands and requests of Mother. Please do not hesitate to consult us for anything.


  • Admission fee · Annual fee
    Free of charge
  • Postpartum equipment rental
    Free of charge
    (Shipping fee and sanitary goods are the customer's responsibility)
  • Other
    It corresponds to unexpected loss of property with property insurance

PlanBasic Plan

postpartum care

For postpartum care services, considering the recovery condition of your body after birth, we recommend a course of more than 2 weeks (10 weekdays).

  • Program for 6 hours per day
    • Weekday
      JPY 18,000
      (without tax)
    • Saturday, Sunday, Holiday
      JPY 24,000
      (without tax)
    Available time
  • Program for 8 hours per day
    • Weekday
      JPY 24,000
      (without tax)
    • Saturday, Sunday, Holiday
      JPY 32,000
      (without tax)
    Available time
    (Include 45 min break time)

Additional charge

Weekday additional support
before 17:00
JPY 3,500
per 1 hour
Weekday additional support
after 17:00
JPY 4,000
per 1 hour
Sat, Sun, Holiday additional support
after 17:00
JPY 4,000
per 1 hour
Twins JPY 7,000
per baby
  • Other plans are also available. Please feel free to inquire us.
  • The price is tax excluded.
  • Postpartum equipment will be delivered to your home by courier one day before our service starts. Delivery and Return shipping fee will be covered by the customer.
  • The round-trip transportation fee of postpartum helper at interview will be covered by the customer separately.
  • Since transportation fees are paid by the customer separately, dispach helpers to the nationwide is covered.
  • Last minute cancelations may be subject to cancelation fees.
【About cancellations】

In case of a cancellation, please call the phone number below soon as possible.

(Business hours: Mon-Fri 9:00-17:00)
  • Please inform us before canceling your schedule of use.
    (After confirming your reservation, we will inform schedule by email)
  • Cancellation after confirming you and your schedule, 50% total fee will be charged.
  • Please note, cancellations after starting the service can not be processed, and it will be subject to a 100% total fee.
  • Please do not hesitate to contact us for any questions or concerns.
What are the difference
between the 6 hour program and the 8 hour program?
As for the first child, there is no pickup for an elder child so the 6 hour program is okay.
We recommend the 8 hour program when there is an elder child.

Flow of usage

  • 1Please apply from the application form below

    Please fill out and submit the reservation form. Customers outside of the sales area please contact us by email or telephone. (Service fees may vary as long distance charges apply.)

  • 2Confirm reservation
    We will notify you of your reservation details and your reservation number. Your reservation will be finalized upon our confirmation email.
  • 3Birth report

    Please contact us by phone or by email when your baby is born. We will contact you for our service start date & time.

  • 4Schedule confirmation

    We will email our service details and final schedule. Your additional service requests can be scheduled, please inquire if any.

  • 5Start of the service

    Postpartum care service will start at the same time as you leave the hospital. On the day before you call, our postpartum helper will call you for schedule confirmation.
    Our helper will contact you on the day before our 1st day of the service.

  • 6End of service

    Payment is a postpay for your comfort. Please make a bank transfer to the bank account below by the day before service termination. An electronic invoice will be sent by email.
    For service extension, the extension process will be started after payment of service fee is confirmed.

  • Please inform us your request for postpartum helper at interview.(Transportation fee will be paid by customer)
  • Designated Bank account info:

    【Transfer from Yucho Bank】
    Name of bank: Yucho Bank
    Branch name: 028 (read: Zero Ni Hachi)
    Sign Symbol: 10290
    Account number: 52040581

    【Transfer from other financial institution】
    Name of bank: Yucho Bank
    Branch name: 028  (read: Zero Ni Hachi) 
    Branch number: 028
    Account type: Standard savings account
    Account Number: 5204058

Reservation from here

    Reservation from here.

    Please verify your inputs.


    ※ All fees are Tax excluded